Ohio is experiencing a tidal wave of baby boomers increasing the demand for long-term services, creating increased demand for long-term care services over the next three decades. As the baby boomer generation ages and Ohio experiences an unprecedented increase in its older population, the availability of frontline workers is bleak.

Over the next 20 years the caregiver support ratio is projected to drop from seven (in 2010) potential caregivers for every person over 80 years to four (in 2030). As a result, the demand for caregivers is expected to increase by 48 percent in the next decade.

LeadingAge Ohio’s efforts to address the workforce shortage include a range of employee recruitment and retention solutions, from working in grades K- 12 to foster awareness of careers in aging to working with OSU’s Alber Enterprise Center to create frontline supervisor training programs. 

Our Workforce Center is designed to provide members with proven resources to help recruit the highest quality staff, retain exceptional team members and train career caregivers. Whether we are sharing data about our current workforce environment or designing new initiatives with valued stakeholders, our members are working to elevate our state’s aging services caregiving workforce. Together, we are advancing innovative workforce solutions that ensure all Ohioans have access to the services they need.


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