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Private Rooms to be First-come, First-serve, ODM Confirms

Private Rooms to be First-come, First-serve, ODM Confirms

On Friday, LeadingAge Ohio met with officials from the Ohio Department of Medicaid to review a draft rule related to the forthcoming private room rate and discuss the process by which applications will be received.

Earlier this year, HB33 included $160 million in appropriations in FY 2025 for private room payments, to be made based on two categories of rooms:

The funding for the private room payment is capped, and without certainty around how many private rooms are occupied by Medicaid residents, applications will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. The following are details discussed on the call:

ODM noted that currently, it is only planning to hold a single application process, meaning that any future rounds of application, as well as future years of funding, would need to be dictated by the General Assembly. ODM shared a draft rule outlining the application process, noting that if the rule is regular-filed, it will not be effective before the date when applications are being considered for review. For this reason, ODM is considering pursuing emergency filing.

ODM is planning communications to providers in early December and mid-December with these as well as other details relevant to the application submissions. LeadingAge Ohio strongly encourages members to join tomorrow’s All-Member Call, when LeadingAge Ohio President / CEO Susan Wallace will provide an overview of the application process and recommendations for how each provider should prepare in order to ensure they are at the “front of the line” for the private room payment. Questions may be directed to Susan Wallace at

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