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Ohio Medicaid transitioning to PDPM: Webinar Series

Ohio Medicaid will be transitioning to PDPM for its case mix calculation in October 2023. LeadingAge Ohio has been engaged with the Department of Medicaid (ODM) over the last few months as they determine how the new case mix index (CMI) will be calculated so that it accurately reflects the service intensity of the resident population. The importance of accurately coding the true clinical status of residents will become even more crucial as this transition approaches. 

This winter, join LeadingAge Ohio for a three-part webinar series created specifically to provide attendees with the knowledge interdisciplinary teams can use to operationalize success. Each webinar is a separate virtual event and all three dates and links to registration are listed below:

Part 1: Non-Therapy Ancillary and Nursing
January 25, 2023

This session will include management considerations for the non-therapy ancillary and nursing components of PDPM. In addition, considerations for team meeting management in an effort to capture coordination and reimbursement optimization will be covered. At the completion of the webinar, attendees will be able to describe how the non-therapy ancillary and nursing components impact the PDPM rate, identify best practices in operational strategies, and discuss the necessary documentation to support reimbursement.

Part 2: Physical and Occupational Therapy
February 22, 2023

This webinar will focus on the Physical and Occupational therapy components of the PDPM payment model. A detailed explanation of these two components will be included. Diagnoses and Section GG will be explored as it relates to the PDPM model and future case mix calculations.

Part 3: Speech-Language Pathology
March 22, 2023

The speech language pathology is one complex component of PDPM, containing elements which could be misinterpreted and lead to issues with coding, denials, and inaccurate care planning. This webinar will cover coding elements used to qualify for the speech component, coding scenarios, and keys to improve collaboration between dietary and speech therapy.  Helpful tips will be shared to improve understanding of terminology, facilitate increased collaboration, and improve MDS accuracy/outcomes for the resident.

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