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Administration Announces Assisted Living Waiver Rates; Effective January 1

Administration Announces Assisted Living Waiver Rates, Effective January 1; Extends HCBS Deadline

This morning, LeadingAge Ohio met with DeWine Administration officials to learn they have set the assisted living waiver rates, which are on track to take effect January 1, 2024.Today, a letter from Directors McElroy and Corcoran of the Ohio Departments of Aging and Medicaid, respectively, outlined the rate increases. 

Reimbursement will fall into two tiers: a base tier at $130 per day and a memory care tier at $155 per day. This aligns with the reimbursement levels outlined in HB33, though it does not include a previously-included “critical access” tier. As a reminder, much of the language related to reforming the payment for assisted living waiver was vetoed by the Governor, which allowed the Administration the flexibility to set both reimbursement levels and timing.

In draft rules, the Administration outlined criteria for providers wanting to offer memory care under the assisted living waiver. Yesterday, LeadingAge Ohio submitted comments responding to the rules, particularly opposing requirements to employ a medical director, staffing ratios and call-light response times. LeadingAge Ohio will continue to advocate for sensible reforms to the assisted living waiver, supported by its Clinical / Operations Subcommittee. Questions or concerns may be directed to Tiffany Bukoffsky, Director of Public Policy, at

HB 45 Funds for PASSPORT Providers

Additionally, this week the Office of Budget & Management (OBM) issued an extension for applications for $10 million in workforce relief grants made available through HB45 to PASSPORT providers. Providers now have until October 31 to complete their application. All eligible recipients should have received an email notifying them of their eligibility and containing instructions for applications. OBM has also shared a list of eligible providers with LeadingAge Ohio, but clarified that it does not intend to publish the full list.

If you have questions about the application process or wish to verify your eligibility, contact Randi Hamill, Workforce Director, at

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